This facility is like none other with the convenience of warehouses, industrial buildings and office capacity all in one location. A combination of capacity and transportation, options with a compelling price structure to support businesses of any size or real estate needed. The PEZ Lake Facility provides its clients with supply chain management. Spanning nearly one thousand acres, it offers the flexibility to handle anything from a single box to many boxes and small equipment to large equipment.

Huge Space: nearly three million square feet of warehouses, industrial buildings and office space at bargain prices. Offered at any size from one month to ten years.

Convenient Location: within a day’s drive of over half of North America’s population.

Easy access: buildings are docked high, tractor-trailer and rail car accessible. We even have a 7,600 foot runway that will broaden our logistics capabilities.

Hi-Tech: state of the art wireless inventory management systems.

Economically Beneficial: located in an Empire State Economic Development Zone; which offers tax benefits, utility credits and a number of other activities.